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Ever wondered which free online SEO tools for website analysis are best? SEO tools square measure extremely helpful, while no best free SEO tools are ever getting to do your work for you. There are some really important tools to have in your toolbox as a digital marketer, which can help you get more data. That you won’t otherwise see, and additionally do a great deal of rival snooping things like distinguishing. Which pages on your website are broken, but also have a look at what your competitors are doing. How they’re building links, what sorts of content is performing best for them.
So whether you’re unloading your own website to see what sorts of errors might be holding your ranking back, or whether you’re doing a little bit of competitive snooping and identifying what that link strategy is, or how they’re using content to generate traffic. Some of the tools that I gonna be share today can give you immense input, and show you a whole bunch of stuff that would take years to dig out otherwise.
So first up, let’s look at some of the free online SEO tools for website analysis that pretty much. Every SEO or digital marketer needs in their toolbox.

Free online SEO tools for website analysis

Keyword research SEO tools:

Keyword research free online SEO tools for website analysis you can do your job a lot more efficiently, by finding the right relevant keywords. I mean what’s really key to SEO is finding keywords that are relevant to your business product or service. That you want to rank for, so you want to be able to choose keywords with high search volume and low competition. So where do you get those numbers? You get those from certain tools. You also want to get forecasts for certain targeted keywords. You want to be able to generate a list of latent semantic indexing type keywords or keywords close to the keyword. You’re trying to target, you want to be able to select primary and second keywords wisely. So having a list of keywords or certain data points will help you do that, and you want to be able to identify the keywords that your competitors are also ranking for. So a good keyword research best free SEO tools will help you do all of those things.

Google trends:

Google trend is an essential SEO tools. A free online SEO tools for website analysis that you can lean on if All you need to do is you could type in a keyword. This is the best free SEO tools for WordPress. I can look at the volume of interest of that keyword over time here. I’m looking at football versus American football. I could see how it’s trending then I could see you know how it trends in specific regions of say the united states as my market. I can also look at other related queries similar to football or American football. So Google Trends is the best free SEO tools that help you look at the volume, helps you look at what specific regions help you look at other keywords. You know if you want you can simply just do a keyword search. Or you can actually just see what’s trending just by looking at the latest stories and insights. So we could see international women’s day you know started to pick up steam it’s picking up more steam etc so its certain keywords that tend to trend well and you can pick up on what those keywords are using google trends.

Google keyword planner:

Also use another Google tool called Google keyword planner. It is one of the best free seo tools for wordpress. The only difference is this one’s paid, you need a Google ads account. So if we go into google ads. You’ll need to go to tools and you’ll need a keyword planner. But when you’re in a keyword planner, you can find new keywords. So if i type in for example you know online marketing and click get started what the keyword tool is going to do is give me the data that i need to do appropriate keyword research. It’s going to give me my keyword and similar keywords. It’s going to give me the average monthly volume and the great thing . The trend for that keyword over time just by clicking on this little bar graph. So for digital marketing, I could see what the trend is over time I can see what the competition is. i could see what the bidding range is so more important. So Google’s keyword planner gives you the necessary information you need to choose relevant keywords wisely.

Semrush or keyword finder:

There are other tools out there that are paid that help you look for relevant keywords, like semrush or keyword finder, that’s premium essential SEO tools. So there are plenty of tools available to you. You know another tool. I use that’s not listed here is Moz. So if you just type a keyword. Let’s just type in the same keyword, like online marketing for example. So what Moz is going to do is going to give me some volume. It’s going to give me some other keyword suggestions. It’s going to tell me how difficult that keyword is, and it’s going to tell me who else is ranking for that keyword. So it gives me again all the relative information. I need to include competitive information, so you can use these two these keyword tools. Moz is premium some are paid, some are free online SEO tools for website analysis. There’s plenty of tools out there, but these are the ones I would recommend for keyword research. Let’s turn our attention to technical SEO for technical SEO. You’re going to need to use some tools. There’s no getting around that because you want to be able to monitor how your website is performing. I mean is it loading slow, for example. Does it have a lot of issues with the website in terms of server-side rendering? server response time, what about 4-4s and redirects, so you want to be able to gather a lot of the technical information that could aid or prohibit your site from ranking. So you want to be able to also, you know, look at what the bots are saying and how they’re viewing your website. So if Google goes to crawl your site are they experiencing you know a slow server response time, or they experience pages not found? You also want to see if you have a site map. You know what’s the site map. Are these bots crawling your site or getting the pages from a sitemap again. You want to be able to lean on some of these free online SEO tools for website analysis to help you fix errors that you may encounter, like meta tags or four-fours or canonicals. So you need the best free SEO tools to help you manage all that.

Moz Domain Analysis is best free SEO tools:

The next free online seo tools for website analysis is Moz Domain Analysis. Now, this is a great way to get a free, fast overview of any particular website or authority. Moz Domain Authority or DA is pretty much industry standard recognition of a site or authority. Google has removed its page rank number from the toolbar, and whilst it’s imperfect most DA is a very useful shortcut to understand how authoritative a site is in relation to other sites, whilst the data that the Moz Domain Analysis tool gives you is much more limited than some of the other tools. We’re gonna be looking at. If you just need a quick overview of how authoritative your site is, or a competitor site, or you want to analyze how authoritative a publication might be, Moz DA is a pretty good place to start.

Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog is a free online SEO tools for website analysis. Screaming Frog is great for analyzing your website and finding technical SEO tweaks to make to improve your ranking. I’m not gonna go too much into exactly how to use Screaming Frog, but we primarily use Screaming Frog to perform site audits to tell us the sort of pages that may have problems with meta or pages being indexed that should not be.

Google search console

Best free seo tools for WordPress to lean on Google Search Console, because that is the source. So the search console will also, you know, give you some feedback on how Google’s bot is crawling your site, so that’s under the crawl error section here. So you can also, you know, use search console to upload a sitemap. So that’s a key to SEO you want Google to be able to find your web pages quickly. So you can simply just signify to google where your site map is located. So the search console does a lot more, gives you some html improvements gives you some backlinking and then the process of updating this search console user interface. So there’s a new user interface that you can use with google search console the great thing is it’s free online seo tools for website analysis and it has everything you need to know about your website and how it’s affected by SEO organic search the only thing you have to do with search console is verify the site, but once you verify it. it has all the relevant information you need.

Backlink monitoring & analysis:

This is related to off-page SEO. So you’re going to need a good tool to help you monitor your website backlinks. Backlinks are simply just links from external sites pointing to your site . You need to keep an eye on what sites are linking to yours are they spammy related sites are they good or relevant sites or anything in between. So you need to really be able to analyze what the good links are and what the bad links are pointing to your website. You want to identify and disavow poor backlinks . So you want to be able to recognize which sites are linking to yours that’s actually hurting you from an SEO stand point . You want to be able to do something about that . You want to measure citation flow and trust flow. You want to check the ratio of link distribution in terms of is it internal or external, or you know what kind of sites are linking to my site. Are they social related? Are they pure content related? You want to be able to track the number of do follow and no-follow links. You know how many links pointing to our site are actually telling Google and other bots not to follow the link, or how many are actually allowing the bots to follow that link if a bot follows a link. It’s going to pass what we call link choose. So you’re going to get credit for the backlink if it’s a no follower, you’re not going to get credit for the backlink and we want to be able to measure that, and so we want to have tools that will help us do that, so some of those free online seo tools for website analysis well.

Ahrefs best free SEO tools:

Ahrefs is the best free SEO tools also it’s a paid tool majestic is a premium tool. Moz is the tool I use sem rush and then again I gotta mention google search console. So let’s take a look at some of these tools in terms of backlink monitoring and analysis so let’s start with the google search console again. It’s free online seo tools for website analysis. You just have to verify your site, and so if I go to Google Search Console. I can look at links and I can see what external links. i have pointed to my site. So I could see I have 17 000 in this example pointing to the home page of this particular site . So if I click on that I can see all the top sites pointing to my home page now from an off page SEO perspective. Do you want every backlink or external link pointing to your homepage. So you want links pointing to internal pages, so you want to be able to measure that so I can see what the top linking sites are, and I can also see what the anchor text is. so do I want my anchor text always to be my brand name. I want it to be you know keyword. We’re trying to target search console, which also gives you some internal links . What are the top link pages for internal links. So from an seo perspective you always want to have a nice balance of internal linking. So this report helps you understand what pages are getting links and are the links evenly spread. So this is google search console this is the links report. This is totally free this is provided by google. All you have to do is verify your site now if we go over to moz. We type in a domain any domain. So I just typed in, simply learn . Moz has some metrics that are important to off page seo including domain authority so the higher your domain authority the better off you are and so what helps a domain authority grow is how many quality links are pointing to that domain . So here we could see over 500 linking domains to simply learn, so what’s important is we just don’t want any site, we want quality relevant sites pointing . So we could see how many total inbound links and then how many ranking keywords we have . So here, moz is going to give me kind of idea of what my domain authority has been over time. They’re going to tell me the top followed links to this site. So they can tell me you know what are those links pointing to my site, and what’s the page authority of those sites . Here I can get a nice graphical breakdown of the linking domains by domain authority. So you want pages with high domain authority pointing to your site. So here I can see 69 linking domains between 91 and 100 so that’s really good we want high relevant domains linking to our site. So just like search console i can see the top anchor text being used. i can see the top pages that have you know good page authority on the site i could see following versus nofollow on internal and external links.

You know what those pages and linking domains are, so if I just click on linking domains. I could get a detailed look for my home page what domains are pointing to our domain. So I could see has a domain authority of 100 youtube 100. And so not only does moz provide you with the domains it also provides you with your domain authority score and spam score. So you want to keep an eye on any particular site that has a high spam score. So having a site with a high spam score and a low domain authority will hurt your domain and page authority for that page. So Moz does a great job of breaking it out and this is for any page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the home page. If I take a look at another example here majestic so majestic . I can use a free version of the tool. They have their own metrics citation flow trust flow. So when they say trust flow what’s the link quality all about. Citation flow what’s the link volume, and they can get an idea of how many external backlinks are pointing to the site and what’s the trend on that referring domains. So majestic does a really good job again some of the same metrics that we could see here except they go into detail about languages as well so this is majestic and you got search console. You got a lot of other best free seo tools and then I’m going to just revert back to Moz. Because you want to be able to compare link profiles if you’re in a competitive space and you’re doing off-page seo. You know moz will help you compare how your site stands against maybe another competitive side or relevant site. So just doing this analysis I can compare my domain authority spam score how many total links. You know how many external follow links or external no-follow links a breakdown of linking domains. So it does a nice job of comparing one site versus another that’s going back to moz and that’s what you want. You want the best free seo tools for wordpress that’s going to help you do that I mean there are other tools out there not listed like the bright edge that will also help you compare linking profiles. So at the end of the day if you’re doing off-page seo you want to get a sense of what sites are linking to yours. Are they quality sites? Are they spammy? What anchor text are they using? Are they no follow are they do follow you know are they top domains? How do you compare against your competitors I mean all these metrics are related to off-page SEO. so you want a free online seo tool for website analysis that’s going to help you measure.

Rank tracking SEO tools:

When we do keyword research, we’re looking for relevant keywords. We find our relevant keywords. We assign primary and secondary keywords to pages. We optimize those pages we do off-page seo. We’re doing all this work for SEO. We want to be able to measure the fruits of our labor. We want to be able to measure how we perform for on and off-page seo for the keywords. We covet and the pages they’re related to, and so that’s where rank tracking comes into play. So we want to be able to track our website’s ranking and not just our website all the pages. We’ve optimized we want to be able to measure our click-through rates and impressions. we want to be able to track the ranking for both desktop and mobile for specific locations, and we want to identify top-performing gaining and losing keywords. so, in other words, we want to look at trends is the key word ranking is it going up, and ranking is it going down, and rank, and if it’s going down in ranking, then you need to take action. So you need a free online seo tools for website analysis, for rank tracking. , so we can look no further than again Google search console. It’s free, it’s right from the source. So let’s take a look at what Google Search Console has to offer in terms of rank tracking. So if I go to Google Search Console and I put in a url what it’s going to do is it’s going to give me, and this is the search queries report. It’s going to give me what queries people have used to actually type into and it’s going to be able to tell me how many times my pages show pages showed up for that query. It could be more than one page that’s an impression, and if i did receive an impression, meaning did my page show up in the organic listing then did I get a click as a result? So in this case if i got 68 impressions and 10 clicks for keywords somebody typed in, that’s a 14.7 click-through rate. So what search console will also do is say hey look for that particular keyword. You appeared on average in position 4.1 so it gives you a really good insight as to you know what people are typing in and how you’re being found for those keywords. It breaks it down by pages, it breaks it down by country, breaks it down by devise. So I could see you know mobile I’ve had 899 impressions over the last three months on mobile and i received 33 clicks. As a result, my average position on mobile was 2.6 so search console does a really good job again. This is free information providing you. The actual keyword somebody’s using on google search as a query and how many impressions. You’re receiving for that keyword how many clicks. Click the rate and then average position, so in theory, the higher you are positioned on google the more clicks you’re going to receive, so if I’m not positioned properly for keyword, let’s say page 2 then I’m probably not going to receive as many clicks as I would like. So that’s search console. There are other tools out there like Ahrefs again does a good job of tracking. amz tracker we look at winter. So there’s some good tools out there I’m just going to show you another one again.

Google analytics

Google’s analytics as well as a paid version, so if I go into google analytics it’s going to tell me all of my website behavior. who’s coming to my sight, how they got to my sight, how they behaved once they went to my site, and are they achieving the goals I set out for them to achieve via conversions. So you want to look at first in Google Analytics how much traffic you’re getting. So if I go to google analytics if I go to acquisition all traffic channels I should be able to see how much traffic organic search is driving over a period of time so I could see how many users how many sessions, then if I click on landing pages I could see what landing page they went to, so I could see the home page over a particular time had over a thousand sessions. I can also see engagement from organic search. Are they bouncing how many pages are they looking at in this session after they landed on a particular page? Are they staying on the site a long time? What’s their duration or are they achieving any goals? So analytics will provide me all that information about how organic search as a channel is performing the other thing about Google Analytics. I like and that goes back to the technical aspect of SEO and that site speed. So if you go to behavior and you go to site speed overview, you’ll be able to see how my pages are loading, what’s the average load time, so they’ll break it down for you by browser, country, and by specific page. So if I look at page timings, I’ll be able to see what page is loading slow, what page is loading quickly compared to the site average. The great thing about analytics is if I have a page that’s loading slow compared to the site average. They’ll actually provide me with some suggestions. So if I go to site speed and speed suggestions, what they’re going to do is they’re going to have a link in the report that’s going to allow me to click on it. and I’m going to be able to see what suggestions they can provide. So when this report loads I’ll be able to see what the speed suggestions are for my pages, so here I could see the page I could see what the average load time is of that page. so, for example, this particular page is loading at six seconds. Ideally, we want to have you know three seconds or under the maximum. So if I just click on this link here, they’re giving me six-page speed suggestions.

Page speed insights

Another Google best free SEO tools for WordPress called page speed insights, and then page speed insights are going to run for both mobile and desktop for this particular page. This page speed insights report is going to give me feedback as to what I need to do to speed up the load time of that page. So here you can see for desktop and mobile. They’re going to give me some suggestions and opportunities. To reduce the server response time properly size images. Serve images in next-gen formats, so all these will shave off time off my page load time and so that’s what’s going to help me speed up the page load, and that’s page being insights. You can get to it from the speed suggestions report and analytics. So in theory, the higher page load time, your chances of ranking on Google Organic Search diminish. So Google wants pages that have very low page load time that load quickly. So Google Analytics is a great tool for speed suggestions. It’s a great tool for finding out what the traffic is doing on your site. How they’re engaging and are they achieving goals.

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